An oasis of peace and quiet enlivened by the cheerful chirping of birds and the peaceful ringing of the cowbells. This is the typical landscape of the so-called “Murgia dei Trulli e delle Grotte”(Murgia of Trulli and Caves), the typical karst area where the erosive action of water has created over time basins, blades, sinkholes, rock cavities and real caves, like those that can be visited in Castellana Grotte (11 km), along an underground path of almost three thousand meters. And then stones, many stones: “dry assembled” without mortar, they have given rise to the trulli that can be visited in the heart of Alberobello (10 km). And again, unique landscapes like those of the magical Itria Valley in Locorotondo (20 km), one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, Martina Franca (30 km) and the famous Festival of the Itria Valley, Cisternino (35 km), with its perfectly preserved town centre and Ostuni (49 km), the famous white city. And last but not least, the crystal-clear sea where you can dive in by choosing from suggestive locations such as Monopoli and Polignano a Mare (30 km), along the Adriatic coast, and Castellaneta Marina (40 km) on the Ionian coast.
The people of Apulia, with their hospitality and cheerfulness, are the backdrop to this beautiful scenery.

Not to be missed, a visit to nearby Matera (50 km), known all over the world for its ancient Sassi district, a complex of cave dwellings carved into the mountain rock. A Unesco Heritage Site since 1993, Matera was the Capital of Culture in 2019.